Individual Counseling

Individual therapy with a licensed professional in a safe environment, where one can explore issues that arise and develop treatment plan goals to work towards.


Christian Counseling

Christian therapy helps clients learn to communicate more effectively and identify the patterns of conflict and isolation in relationships.


Couples & Premarital Counseling

Whether married, engaged, or dating, relationships may consist of emotional intensity. Discuss concerns, boundaries, healthier coping skills, trust issues and ways to identify maladaptive habits that you want to work on in the relationship.


How does therapy work?

Building a therapeutic rapport can happen instantly, or it may take a couple of sessions. Typically, it comes about when two or more parties in the therapeutic relationship begin to trust one another. It can be unnerving telling your problems to a stranger, but once there is understanding that the counselor is a trained professional and expert in their field, it moves smoothly.

What is a therapeutic commitment?

The therapeutic commitment is set between the client(s) and the counselor. During the intake process, typically one to two sessions, treatment goals are discussed and planned.

The length of therapy depends on individual goals and how quickly one feels comfortable to process issues. To embark on an emotionally-charged journey requires dedication of 6-8 sessions minimum. Sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly, or multiple times per week.

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